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BWRS are proudly partnering with Ando Insurance, offering discounts to the incredible healthcare workers and first responders who have been saving lives these past few months.   Visit for more

Covid-19 update

Our efforts as a nation to contain Covid-19 have affected New Zealanders in different ways.

We want to reassure you that we are here to help you manage your risks so you can concentrate on looking after yourself, your loved ones and your business.


This is an unprecedented situation and we recommend you keep informed with information from reliable sources, like the government site:, which has everything you need to know about COVID-19, all in one place. 


Please be assured, BWRS has robust business continuity plans in place, and we are working to ensure we can provide continuous service to you, our clients.

Engaging with us

Our offices have reopened. We are following safe workplace guidelines and are asking clients to please contact us via telephone or email in the first instance with any queries.


Please visit this page for all contact details.

How insurance responds

We are being asked by clients if they are covered for losses linked to the virus. General insurance is unlikely to provide protection against losses linked to the Global Pandemic Covid-19.

Our partners, LMI Group have put together informative papers you can read that cover this in more detail. For information about Travel Insurance click here, for more about Business Interruption Insurance click here.

Please contact your broker for more on any other questions you may have about your insurance.

Keeping you and your business protected

Whilst many businesses are in a state of transition or have adapted how they operate, it’s still critical to ensure you are fully insured. As advisors we recommend that you keep your existing insurance in place, ensuring that you’re protected from losses now and in the future. Unfortunately, we are all still at risk of ‘normal’ events, like theft, storm or fire. Even if your income is lower during this period, there is still cover for many other aspects of your business. Please engage with us if you’d like to discuss your covers and situation.

Commercial Use of Private Motor Vehicles

Some businesses are providing a delivery service to customers, where they did not do so before. It is worth pointing out that your Private Motor insurance policy may not cover you for delivery of goods to customers, and you should call your broker to arrange commercial use cover for the vehicle for the period of time you need it.


Reinstating Insurance Cover

If you called us to reduce or modify your insurance policy during the Alert Level 4 lockdown and are returning to work, please call your broker to reinstate your insurances so you are fully protected.


If your Business has Changed

If you have changed the location, size or the way in which your business operates, it will be worth calling your broker to discuss the changes, to ensure that your insurances continue to provide the best protection for your business. Please call us to discuss your cover if you are expecting to be holding different stock levels at this time or storing off-premises.


How we can help you

Our team are here for you to discuss any questions you may have, including your current situation in light of the potential financial impact of Covid-19. Our primary focus is to ensure all our clients remain insured and protected, and that means we’ll be working hard ensure all your policies are renewed prior to the renewal date. We will also be looking at options to support the individual needs of clients as their business environment and requirements change.


Risk Mitigation is really important and we encourage you to look at Business Continuity Plans for your business as well as other steps you can take help limit the impact.

Practical business advice

One of our business partners, Frank Accounting have put together some helpful tips for preserving cash in your business, as well as some guidance on the government’s business support package, which you can access here.


To ease your cashflow, we do have monthly premium payment facilities available. Contact us to use this solution for your upcoming renewal.


Working from home or remotely

For those of you who are still Working From Home, here are some resources and considerations:


Laptop security: a short guide to laptop security can be accessed here. Please let us know if you’d like your broker to send through a summary of your covers for your portable equipment.

IT, Phishing emails and general security: sadly, times of crisis are seen as opportunities by criminals. Please be careful and exercise caution around any unsolicited contact made with you and your employees regarding Covid-19. When in doubt, check with the source, any legitimate organisation who is trying to contact you will understand your caution or need for verification. For more about work from home we encourage you to visit the Phew, Cyber Security Experts - website here, who have up to date information regarding free and almost free Work From Home tools available, as well as considerations for working safely away from the office.


Sharing resources

We are a resilient country, with adaptable people and resources. By working together we believe that we will come out the other side of this situation stronger, which is why we’re looking to leverage our wider network to aid this process. BWRS is a proud member of NZbrokers, New Zealand's largest broking collective. Across NZbrokers we help over 140,000 clients who do amazing things every day. If you have a resource, service or product that could help people now and in the future, in your local community or nationwide (similar to the papers and links we’ve shared in this communication, or anything else), we’d love to share these across our network, just like we have done today. Email now with your information or for more details.


As always, our team are here to help you, if you have any other questions, please contact us.


Stay safe, Kia Kaha

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