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What it's all about.

This is what insurance broking is all about. We have a proven track record of getting difficult claims paid and ensuring our clients get the satisfaction of a full settlement.


We go the extra mile and have dedicated claims staff to ensure every claim receives meticulous attention. Please complete one of the forms linked below and we will send your claim to the relevant branch to be actioned appropriately. Thank you.

Please remember that it is a condition of your policy to notify claims promptly. 

Online general claim form

or download the property claim form here to print and complete

Online motor vehicle claim form

or download the motor vehicle claim form here to print and complete

Contact our claims staff


Our claims staff can be contacted on the following emails:

Halo Claims

What to do if you discover damage/defect


Where a defect is discovered, you will first need to contact your NZCB Builder. The builder is responsible under agreement and legislation to remedy any defect discovered within 12 months from the possession date of the works.


If your builder fails to remedy the defect in a reasonable timeframe, you may be covered by your Halo Policy.


How to Lodge a Claim


If you wish to lodge a Halo claim, please contact the Halo Claim Administrator:



Third Party Administration Team

PO Box 335, Auckland 1140

0800 800 096

You will need to supply Sedgwick with the following information:

  • Your contact details/policy holder details

  • Details of the damage/defects

  • Copies of communication you have had with the Builder regarding the damage/defects

  • Contact details of the builder

  • Copy of the building contract

  • Certificate of Practical Completion (if applicable)

  • Quote to remedy the damage/defects

  • Latest policy schedule

  • Photos of the damage/defects

  • Any other information they require to support your claim


Sedgwick will be in touch with you to acknowledge your claim within 48 hours. They will provide you with an overview of the process and what you can expect.


Who We Are



The role of BWRS was to arrange the cover for the Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee. Although BWRS are no longer involved in this process (cover is now arranged directly through NZCB), BWRS are still able to assist with existing policy queries and claims advocacy.



New Zealand Certified Builder is a membership organization set up by a group of trade qualified builders in 1998. Through a broking relationship with BWRS, the Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee was made available to its members for the benefit of the house-owner.



Lloyds Syndicate 4444 / Canopius Managing Agents Limited

The Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee Policy is underwritten by Lloyd’s Syndicate 4444 (the Insurer), which is managed by Canopius Managing Agents Limited.



Sedgwick is the claims administrator for Lloyds and is responsible for the management and settlement of Halo claims in New Zealand.



McLarens are the nominated Loss Adjustor appointed by Sedgwick. Their role is to assess the damage to the dwelling, determine the cause and repair costs and report back to Sedgwick with their findings.


Important Information


Other Insurance

Where the defects and/or damage under the Halo policy is also covered by any other insurance policies or indemnity agreements, the Halo policy will only provide cover in excess of the amount which the Building Owner is entitled to under the other insurance policies or agreements.


The Halo policy is intended to provide cover when all other policies/avenues have been exhausted. In the first instance, you should always contact the Builder who completed the work to remedy the defect and or damage.


Limitations of Cover

There are two sections of the Halo 10 Year Residential Guarantee policy.


Section 1.1 – Cover During Construction Period

Subject to conditions and exclusions noted in the policy, this section provides cover during the construction period up to 20% of the Contract Price or $500,000, whichever is lesser.


Section 1.2 – Cover During Defects Insurance Period.

Subject to the conditions and exclusions noted in the policy, this section provides cover for up to 10 years commencing from the Possession Date of the Works.


Claims Advocacy

If you wish for BWRS to advocate on your behalf, please contact us:


BrokerWeb Risk Services




Who do I contact if I haven’t heard anything about my claim?

Your first point of contact is the Third Party Administration Team at Sedgwick. If you still haven’t heard from anyone, please contact us at,


How long will my claim take to be accepted?

This can vary depending on the information supplied and the complexity of the claim. Sedgwicks will provide you with regular updates through the claim process.

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