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Who We Are

Who We Are

Founded in 2006, BrokerWeb Risk Services are a nationally strong New Zealand owned insurance broking company with seven offices across the country, the Head Office being in Auckland.  We compete regularly with the major internationally owned broking companies operating in New Zealand.  We act for some of New Zealand’s largest companies and we are highly regarded by local and international insurance markets for ethics, integrity and compliance. 


The strength and capability of BWRS gives us significant and visible market presence, underpinning our ability to negotiate within both New Zealand and international markets, to ultimately tailor and deliver effective insurance solutions for our clients’ whilst exceeding expectations.


The key executives of BrokerWeb Risk Services were all previously Directors of New Zealand subsidiaries of multinational insurance broking companies and fully understand the insurance needs of commercial, rural and domestic insurance buyers.  We have some of New Zealand’s most skilled and experienced insurance brokers and such skills become necessary as insurance is a complex business with many options and legalities. 

Our Vision

Our Vision
“to build sustainably the finest and largest locally-owned, diversified insurance broking & services company in New Zealand, to use that strong market presence for the betterment of our clients', whilst demonstrating and earning a reputation for good ethics and a trusted service, which emanate from a workplace which is both enjoyable and career-enhancing”

Our Values

Our Values
Personal Service

Our clients' deal with our local staff that live in the same communities they do and understand the economic environment around them. Our Managers have a direct interest in ensuring the best possible level of service is provided and are readily available to all of our clients’.


At BrokerWeb Risk Services we offer a personal service without the continuous changes of servicing personnel or the necessity to deal with several different people on different insurance subjects as tends to be the case with multi-national insurance brokers.


We are strong client advocates.  Our brokers are charged with the responsibility to negotiate strongly on behalf of our clients', both in the placement of insurances and in claims.  We ensure the best terms are secured for the right coverage required, and then by staying involved in our clients’ claims right through to closure, we ensure our clients' enjoy equitable claim settlement in line with each clients’ entitlement.


Insurance Knowledge

We possess National Strength coupled with Local Knowledge. Our people have vast Insurance Broking experience, including working in overseas markets and as a team our depth of knowledge is, we believe, unmatched within New Zealand owned insurance brokers.


Risk Management

Our experienced personnel will work with you to assess, identify, analyse and ultimately minimise potential loss in the following areas;

  • Health & Safety

  • Fire Safety

  • Security 

  • Business Continuity

Underwriter Relationships

As part of NZBrokers, we are one of the recognised three major insurance buying groups in the country, a market presence we use to the advantage of our clients'.  As a result of our level of experience we have extremely strong relationships with the insurers operating in the New Zealand insurance market.  It is these relationships which provide us with an edge our competitors do not enjoy. The insurers also prefer to deal with people who are experienced and have a solid knowledge of their subject rather than someone at a comparatively junior level who does not have the same experience.


Our Specialist Niche

Whilst we place all forms of insurance, including all personal lines where we have our own top of the range wordings agreed with insurers, our niche is providing insurance services for the commercial insurance buyer. Many of our competitors' employees have only spent a short time in that area and do not have the familiarity with the needs of the commercial insurance buyer.


Claims Service

This is what insurance broking is all about. We have a proven track record of getting difficult claims paid and ensuring our clients' get the satisfaction of a full settlement. We go the extra mile and have dedicated claims staff to ensure every claim receives meticulous attention.

Our Clients Choose Us Because

Choose Us
  • Respect and integrity are ingrained into the cultural fabric of our business, showing respect and honesty to all with whom we do business


  • When a client comes to us with a problem, we see this as  challenge and will deliver comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions with a strong focus on achieving and maintaining competitive premium pricing for our clients’


  • Our highly experienced claims team will go that extra mile on behalf of our clients’ in pursuit of any claims settlement, regardless of how small.  We have a reputation for getting difficult claims paid and achieving the best possible outcome on claims for our clients’


  • For the main classes of insurance, we utilize our own policy wordings.  We continually update these wordings to ensure they remain cutting edge



  • Our underlying strength and competitive advantage is based on the provision of exemplary service and advice.  We understand the concept of building a relationship around trust and mutual respect with our clients'


  • We provide a personalised service without continuous changes of servicing personnel or the necessity of having to deal with different people in relation to the various aspects of your insurances


  • In terms of experience, our depth is difficult to beat in terms of day to day service requirements


  • We believe our size is our strength.  We have sufficient mass to command respect from the insurance market and yet we are small enough to be very flexible and provide reaction times which are superior to our competitors

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