Our Commitment to You

When BWRS commenced business in 2006, the focus was purposely placed on building strong, lasting partnerships with clients and striving to deliver outstanding service over the lifetime of our clients and their businesses.


To make this come to life, we work hard to earn your trust and in doing so, we understand that we are integral to the protection and management of your personal, household and business assets and value. We understand the impact a loss can have, and our focus is to work closely with you to understand how we design a solution that works for you.

We have developed our Client Commitment, a series of statements that outline how we work with you as a client, and what we stand for. These Commitments are backed up inside our business with service standards and processes that make these come to life.

I give you my personal assurance that our people across the country, are standing behind these Commitments and we would love the opportunity to show you what it’s like to have BWRS as your trusted advisor.

John Chandler

Client Commitments


  • We will listen carefully to you and together we will discover and discuss your needs.

  • We will only recommend products or services that meet your needs.
  • We will explain to you why we recommend any product or service before you purchase.

  • Our communication will be clear and concise, and it will outline our
    discussions and agreements.

  • We will always provide a disclosure statement about your advisor and BWRS.

  • We will protect the information you give us, and only use it for the reasons we collected it.