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Using a broker can make claims simple and speedy

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Using an insurance broker isn’t just about finding the right policy at the right price. While many clients are aware of the benefits that brokers provide during the process of assessing risk and finding insurance policies that suit their needs, they do not always realise the value a broker can add when it comes to making a claim.

Westport floods
image credit: George Heard

Making a claim is a stressful time for anyone – whether it’s for a lost cellphone, fire damage to property, illness or even due to bereavement – what you don’t want to be thinking about at a time like this is attending to the details of lodging an insurance claim and having to deal with the insurer. Using a broker reduces the stress of lodging your claim, ensuring your claim is processed promptly and making sure you get everything you are entitled to, enabling you to spend your time on what’s important to you.

A great example of the benefits a broker brings at claims time is the story of a BWRS client who recently suffered flood damage to his home and contents.

A speedy claim

Our client was awaiting surgery and was living on the West Coast when the severe weather events of July 2021 hit and damaged his home and contents. The expediency of the claims process that took place upon notification would not have happened without the knowledge and experience of BWRS Claims Specialist (Lisa Workman), the right insurer (Ando) and the selection of a switched-on loss adjustor (Claim Central Consolidated).

The claim was lodged in the afternoon on Thursday 22nd July and the loss adjustor was appointed immediately. The loss adjustor completed a virtual triage assessment and before 5pm that same day, the assessment report and recommendation was provided to Ando.

The acceptance of the claim for the full sum insured arrived on Monday 26th of July, less than two working days after it was lodged. 3 days later the claim was paid. Insurers will continue to assist with temporary accommodation payments.

Clever technology and teamwork make it easy

The combination of the clever use of technology to expedite the claims process and the teamwork displayed by everyone involved made the claim process seamless.

By speaking to the client’s son via a video link, the loss adjustor was able to virtually assess the property damage, saving much of the time and expense involved in having to conduct an assessment on-site. In a situation like this, using video to remotely assess a claim is an effective and fast way to move the claim process along.

Teamwork and smooth communication by the experienced claims specialists, loss adjustor, and Ando agent also contributed greatly to the client’s experience. Our Claims Specialist Lisa recognised the urgency of the situation and worked well with the other parties to come up with a quick solution.

The client’s son had this to say about their experience with BWRS and Ando:

“The whole experience has been great. The contact from BWRS is proactive, I didn’t need to follow up at all. It was a tough time for the whole family with the impact of the floods, and while I’m still settling my own claim, BWRS managed to get my dad sorted and in no time at all, thank you.”

Our client has had his claim fully settled, with money paid out to cover a total loss of contents. He is settled in temporary accommodation, and a more long-term residence will be paid for when needed. We love to see a happy result like this, with vulnerable clients being well looked after.

If you’d like to know more about how BWRS can find you the right insurance and help to make the claims process quick and easy, get in touch and book an appointment. It’s our mission to make insurance the best it can be for our clients.


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