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Covid-19 Update: Staying protected now and in the future

I hope you are all managing to get through one of the most unusual and challenging times as a business owner that you have probably faced. We have all had to adapt quickly to a new environment and I hope we all soon come out of this phase and resume business activity across the country.

The commencement of Alert Level 3 has meant some changes about how some businesses operate, with some of you resuming business activity, or a modified form of it, this week. For some businesses, it will be a continued closure until a move to Alert Level 2.

If you are resuming some business activity this week, I thought that it was a good time to briefly point out some important information that may be relevant to you.

As always, If the nature or the level of activity of your business has changed, please call your broker to discuss what this may mean for your insurances and to ensure you are fully protected.

Commercial Use of Private Motor Vehicles Some businesses are providing a delivery service to customers, where they did not do so before. It is worth pointing out that your Private Motor insurance policy may not cover you for delivery of goods to customers, and you should call your broker to arrange commercial use cover for the vehicle for the period of time you need it.

Reinstating Insurance Cover If you called us to reduce or modify your insurance policy during the Alert Level 4 lockdown and are returning to work, or will at the end of Alert Level 3, please call your broker to reinstate your insurances so you are fully protected.

If your Business has Changed If you have changed the location, size or the way in which your business operates, it will be worth calling your broker to discuss the changes, to ensure that your insurances continue to provide the best protection for your business. Please call us to discuss your cover if you are expecting to be holding different stock levels at this time or storing off-premises.

As outlined in our earlier communications, there are some options available if your business is suffering from financial hardship and you are concerned about paying for your insurance.

Your broker can help you with the options that are available, so please call them directly to discuss. To make this easy, we have placed the contact details of your broker on our website here.

On behalf of all of us here at BWRS, I wish you the best with this next stage of your business and we look forward to being of service to you soon.


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