Waikato branch

Lowe Schollum Jones and Millenium Insurance Fire and General are now trading as BrokerWeb Risk Services (BWRS).

E Ruys & Co is now operating as Ruys & Co a division of BrokerWeb Risk Services Waikato.

Please use BWRS email addresses and contact details (provided below) to get in touch with our team.

Sian Joyce - National Claims Manager

Ph: 021 823 398

Email: sian.joyce@bwrs.co.nz

Andrea Cadwallader Administration Manager

Ph: 021 191 3667

Email: andrea.cadwallader@bwrs.co.nz

Amber Bold Claims Specialist

Email: amber.bold@bwrs.co.nz

Ash Shamsher Broker Support

Email: ash.shamsher@bwrs.co.nz

Dave Schollum Senior Account Executive

Ph: 021 654 881

Email: dave.schollum@bwrs.co.nz

Jody Magon - Account Executive

Email: jody.magon@bwrs.co.nz

Kevin Graham Senior Broker

Email: kevin.graham@bwrs.co.nz

Kristen Dutton - Claims Specialist

Email: kristen.dutton@bwrs.co.nz

Michaela Evans - Broker

Ph: 021 199 0409

Email: michaela.evans@bwrs.co.nz

Michelle King Claims Specialist 

Email: michelle.king@bwrs.co.nz

Nicole Bellman - Broker

Ph: 021 194 4389

Email: nicole.bellman@bwrs.co.nz

Nick Richards - Senior Broker

Ph: 021 229 9451

Email: nick.richards@bwrs.co.nz

Richard Woodcock Senior Account Executive

Email: richard.woodcock@bwrs.co.nz

Rhianna Annear Broker

Ph: 021 195 4709

Email: rhianna.annear@bwrs.co.nz

Rufus DryburghSenior Account Executive

Ph: 021 974 548

Email: rufus.dryburgh@bwrs.co.nz

Sue McMillan Account Executive

Email: sue.mcmillan@bwrs.co.nz

Tracey Liddington Broker

Ph: 021 192 9834

Email: tracey.liddington@bwrs.co.nz

Level 3, 214 Collingwood Street, Hamilton Lake

PO Box 901, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240

Ph: (07) 849 6881

Email: insurewaikato@bwrs.co.nz

Our Waikato branch has moved!

Our Waikato team are now located at Level 3, 214 Collingwood Street, Hamilton Lake, Hamilton.

Ruys & Co.png

Trevor Dodunski - Principal Broker

Ph: 027 246 6139

Email: trevor.dodunski@bwrs.co.nz

Sandy Dodunski - Principal Broker

Ph: 07 839 0515

Email: sandy.dodunski@bwrs.co.nz


Marek Smit Broker - Personal Lines 

Email: marek.smit@bwrs.co.nz

Paul Dodunski - Broker

Email: paul.dodunski@bwrs.co.nz

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