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Waikato branch

Previously known as Lowe Schollum & Jones Ltd, we are now Lowe Schollum Jones, a division of BrokerWeb Risk Services Ltd. 


Established in 1996 by three Directors, with strong backgrounds in corporate insurance, general underwriting and risk management. LSJ became the largest locally owned insurance brokers and consultants in the Waikato with an outstanding reputation for service excellence throughout New Zealand.


In December 2017, we joined BrokerWeb Risk Services Ltd.  With a similar ethos to the original company, the new relationship with BrokerWeb Risk Services Ltd has only served to further enhance the good standing and professionalism that we have cultivated over the years for the benefit of existing and new clients.

Chris Murchison - Branch Manager

Email: chris.murchison@bwrs.co.nz

Sian Joyce - National Claims Manager

Ph: 021 823 398

Email: sian.joyce@bwrs.co.nz

Amber Bold Claims Advocate

Email: amber.bold@bwrs.co.nz

Colleen Morgan Broker

Ph: 021 194 4389

Email: colleen.morgan@bwrs.co.nz

Dave Schollum Senior Account Executive

Ph: 021 654 881

Email: dave.schollum@bwrs.co.nz

Jody Magon - Account Executive

Email: jody.magon@bwrs.co.nz

Kristen Dutton Claims Manager 

Email: kristen.dutton@bwrs.co.nz

Michelle King Claims Manager 

Email: michelle.king@bwrs.co.nz

Morgan RobertsonSenior Account Executive

Ph: 021 865 971

Email: morgan.robertson@bwrs.co.nz

Nicole Bellman - Domestic/Broker Support

Email: nicole.bellman@bwrs.co.nz

Rhianna Annear Broker

Ph: 021 195 4709

Email: rhianna.annear@bwrs.co.nz

Rufus DryburghSenior Account Executive

Ph: 021 974 548

Email: rufus.dryburgh@bwrs.co.nz

Sue McMillan Account Executive

Email: sue.mcmillan@bwrs.co.nz

Tracey Liddington Broker

Ph: 021 192 9834

Email: tracey.liddington@bwrs.co.nz


Ph: (07) 834 4332
0800 221 102

Email: mig@bwrs.co.nz

Fax: 07 834 4327

330 Tristram Street, Hamilton Central, Hamilton 3204

PO Box 237, Waikato Mail Centre, Hamilton 3240

Kevin Graham General Manager

Email: kevin.graham@bwrs.co.nz


Andrea Cadwallader Administration Manager

Ph: 021 191 3667

Email: andrea.cadwallader@bwrs.co.nz

Michaela Grainger Broker

Ph: 021 199 0409

Email: michaela.grainger@bwrs.co.nz

Richard Woodcock Senior Account Executive

Email: richard.woodcock@bwrs.co.nz

Sarah Sun Assistant Account Executive

Email: sarah.sun@bwrs.co.nz

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